Kris Winters will be reading some of their original poetry at the 2023 Houston Transgender Unity Banquet

Kris says, “My name is Kris Winters, and I am non-binary. I go by they/them/their. My husband and I have been happily married in a monogamous relationship for 5 years, but we both acknowledge that I am openly bisexual. Sharing these huge parts of myself with him has strengthened our relationship, and we are lucky to have found wonderful friends and allies.
     After concealing my gender identity and my sexual orientation for nearly three decades, through trauma, abuse, and struggle after struggle with depression, eating disorders, and malnourishment of the mind, body, and soul, a lightbulb finally turned on inside my mind: I did not owe it to anybody to stay locked away from the world. I stopped caring what publicly embracing my gender identity would do to the egos and reputations of others and instead believed for the first time in my life that I deserved to be my full, authentic self. I understood at last that nobody had the right or the power to keep me in hiding. 

Since that day, I have never looked back. Instead, I focus forward on giving others in our LGBTQ+ Community the assurance, support, and validation that I never had: We are all wonderfully unique, caring, and complete human beings, and each of us is worthy of love.”

Dr. Lulu is coming to Houston this fall to speak at the 2023 Houston Transgender Unity Banquet

Dr. Lulu is a queer Nigerian-born, board-certified pediatrician, mom of a transgender young adult daughter, 3-time-TEDx-Speaker, United States Air Force former lieutenant colonel and commander, disabled veteran, and certified parent life coach.

She is a former Lt. Col and commander in the US Air Force who is also the recipient of the San Antonio LGBT Chamber of Commerce 2021 Youth Advocate of the Year and the San Antonio Business Journal 2022 D.E.I awards.

Fresh from September 2022’s Oprah Daily Insider’s The Life You Want Class on Service, her mission is youth suicide prevention amongst LGBTQ+ youth, specifically, Black transgender youth.

Speaking on parenting, LGBTQ+ issues, and childhood trauma, she has appeared on local, national, and international news media and is the host of “Suicide Pages” “The Pride Corner” and “Qweer Wednezday Wizdom” podcasts.” She also hosts The Parent of Queer Kids Show on YouTube.

Dr. Lulu is an indie actress and bestselling author of 7 non-fiction books including “How to Teach Your Children About Racism”.

Her next book: “Invited In, How to Become the Parent Your LGBTQ+ Child Needs”, is due out Summer of 2023, and her parent handbook; “About Your Black Transgender Child” is due late Summer of 2023.

Dr. Lulu loves reading, writing, walking, speaking, and going live on social media to connect with her followers.

We are excited to announce that at the 2023 Unity Banquet, Houston historian and media personality Mister McKinney will be giving us new insights into Houston’s History !

Mister McKinney is well know around Housrton for his History Tours in his open top yellow bus. Whether it is a Holiday Lights tour of River Oaks, an EDO History tour, a Montrose History tour or the ever popular Houston Ghost Tour, everyone learns something new and has a great time! You can hear Mister Mckinney with Heidi Vaughan on “The Houston Hour” every Friday at 6pm on 90.1 KPFT.
(Hint: After the Unity Banquet, you may want to get your reservation in for one of the Houston Ghost Tours that start at the end of October.)